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FOR MORE INFORMATION about how the Internet began, check out these Web sources. No doubt there are hundreds more. Don’t be too dismayed by contradictory information. Documenting something that happened so fast and in so many places is difficult, particularly when human memory is involved. Jim Pelkey’s book, based on interviews taken at the time, will be a valuable addition.
Compiled by the Internet Society, an excellent source of links to documents, some of which are listed separately below.
Well-documented paper by several of the key scientists and ARPA administrators.
Transcript of the lively and comprehensive PBS series Nerds 2.0.1 by Bob Cringely. Look for Ray Tomlinson in the section “Networking the Nerds.”
The classic “Hobbes’ Internet Timeline” by Robert Zakon, a self-proclaimed Internet evangelist. Excellent source of usage data with links to original RFCs, diagrams, etc.
Series of history lectures, “Internet for Historians, History of the Internet,” by R.T. Griffiths at the University of Leiden.
“The Evolution of ARPANET e-mail,” draft thesis paper (c) 1996 by Ian R. Hardy, student in history and computer science at UCLA Berkeley.
An extensive list, “Internetworking Terms and Acronyms,” under “Technology.” Information from Cisco Documentation.


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