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David J. Bohan '82

1997-98 RAA Board of Trustees Executive Committee
(518) 276-6205

Glenn O. Brown '54

Jan S. Pirrong '69

Vice Presidents
William C. Blanchfield '60
Matthew C. Fox '55
Harry G. Greenleaf '57
Douglas C. Hasbrouck '57
James F. Morgan '58
Joseph A. Morein '59
Simone C. Peterson '84
John J. Stolzenthaler '65
Raymond A. Weisner '75

Vice President/Treasurer
Richard S. Latuchie '73

Vice President Emeritus
David M. Diltz '38

Institute Trustee Designate
Richard J. Bouchard '58

1997-98 RAA Chapters

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Many alumni are active partners in the Rensselaer community. Without their time and dedication, many of the programs we offer simply would not happen. In each issue, Rensselaer magazine plans to recognize different groups of alumni volunteers in this space.

Reunion Volunteers

Thanks to the efforts of class volunteers, Reunion is always a smashing success. Special thanks to the following dedicated alumni who are helping to ensure success for Reunion 1999. To find out more about this year's Reunion, visit the AlumServ Web site at www.alumni. and click on the Reunion icon.

Class of 1949

Reunion Co-Chairs: Ray Fox, M. Joe Cahill
Networking Chair/Correspondent: Joe Clark
Gift Chair/Gift Planning Chair: Dick Anderson
Saturday Class Spirit Event Chair: Albert Harding
Committee Members: Ray Betner, John Buckley, John Bundschuh, Dick Burgess, William Coleman, Robert Edelman, Joe Fiori, Walter Locher, Henry Lundquist

Class of 1954

Reunion Chair: Glenn Brown
Networking Chair/Correspondent: Garrett Geurtze III
Gift Co-Chairs: Carl Hamill, Gus Albern
Gift Planning Chair: Carl Hamill

Class of 1959

Reunion and Networking Co-Chairs: Marvin Petry, Joel Spaeth
Gift Chair: Tony Dignazio
Gift Planning Chair: John Broadbent
Correspondent: Bob Styczynski

Class of 1964

Reunion Chair: Michael Wellner
Gift Chair/Gift Planning Chair: Frank Fischer
Correspondent: John Shahdanian, Esq.
Committee Members: Danny Gold, Stan Kogelman, Richard Koser, Eloy Nava

Class of 1969

Reunion Co-Chair: John Almstead
Reunion Co-Chair/Correspondent: Howard Henze
Gift Chair: Paul Severino

Class of 1974

Reunion Chair: Vance Taylor II
Networking Chair/Gift Co-Chair: Phil Lurie
Gift Co-Chair: Steve Levy
Correspondent: Jim Wernicke
Committee Members: Paul Johnson, Janice Wright McCoy, Gregory McClune

Class of 1979

Reunion Chair/Saturday Dinner Chair: Susan Brownell
Networking Chair/Correspondent: Paul Sicard
Gift Co-Chairs: Joe Nicolla, Jeffrey Shapiro, Esq.
Committee Members: Edward Lanigan, Karl Oestreich, Janice Kremp Mahon, Jeff Goldman, Michael McCabe, Michael Crave, Mary Skevington, Stuart Solsky, Paul Shaffer

Class of 1984

Reunion Chair/Correspondent: Carlos Nieto
Networking Chair: Karen Murdoch
Gift Chair: Simone Peterson
Committee Member: Debbie Preston

Class of 1989

Reunion Chair: Christopher Kiegle
Networking Chair/Correspondent: Joe Hom
Gift Chair: Roberto Weinstein
Committee Members: Dave Aiello, Mark Graber, Naveen Sarma, Pete Schwartz, Harry Winsch

Class of 1994

Reunion Chair: Michelle Prego
Networking Chair/Correspondent: Bill Wheeler
Gift Chair: Bill Worthen
Class Spirit Event Co-Chairs: Stacy Schaeffer, Joey Templin
Nomination Chair: Bonnie Yoon
Saturday Dinner Co-Chairs: Nicole DeCruz, Thea Zeak
Committee Members: Ming Chang, John Cococcia, Jeralyn Cortez, Mike Fishkin, Miriam Kroch

1998-99 Annual Fund

National Annual Fund Reunion Gift Chair: Michael Wellner '64
National Annual Fund Reunion Gift Vice Chair: Bill Blanchfield '60


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