A few frames from Rensselaer's new TV spot.

See the entire commercial in streaming media or Quicktime.

1. VIDEO: Spot opens on view of planet Earth from space. We see the world spinning beneath us.
AUDIO: Rock track with bass and fuzz guitar.
2. VIDEO: Camera pulls back to reveal that the world is actually a light bulb spinning in space. 3.VIDEO: Spinning Earth becomes light bulb spinning into a socket.
AUDIO: Sound of light switch being thrown. Music swells.
4. VIDEO: Light brightens (momentarily) then burns out.
AUDIO: Light bulb pops, burns out.
5 -6. VOICE-OVER: How many universities does it take to change the world?
AUDIO: Sound of light bulb being changed. Switch thrown.
7.VOICE-OVER: Just one.
AUDIO: Music resumes (with gusto!)
VIDEO: Light bulb flashes on. Fills screen with white.
8. VIDEO: Rensselaer logo appears and the names of each school flash beneath it.
VOICE-OVER: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Educating the leaders of tomorrow, not just to take their place in the world, but to change it for the better.
 9. VOICE-OVER: Rensselaer.
VIDEO: "Why not change the world?" with www.rpi.edu below it.



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