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Let the Advertising Begin

"'Technological creativity' is a great positioning statement, but it is not a theme or an advertising campaign," Kosak points out. For that, Rensselaer looked to marketing partner, Media Logic Inc., an Albany, N.Y.-based marketing firm that works with clients regionally and nationally to create compelling advertising campaigns.
   To make any sort of impression amid the volume of advertising people are exposed to every day, a message needs to be simple, clear, and unique. The essence of a product (or in Rensselaer's case, an institution) must be focused into a single image—also called a "brand." Brand advertising establishes a firm, clear identity that becomes synonymous with a name. Think Saturn. "A different kind of car company," right? Think GE. They "bring good things to life." But when people were asked to think Rensselaer, the name didn't evoke one clear, compelling image.
   "We used the concept of 'technological creativity' as a springboard for our advertising campaign," explains David Schultz, president of Media Logic. "The next step was developing a theme that would convey this sentiment in an exciting, memorable way and communicate the many strengths of Rensselaer."

Why Not Change the World?

In searching for the theme, the agency asked: What do technologically creative people do? The answer: They solve tough problems, in turn making the world a better place. They combine the power of technology with their own brainpower and tenacity. They tackle seemingly impossible tasks and look beyond the boundaries of their predecessors. To paraphrase, most people look at the world and ask "Why?" Technologically creative people look at the world and ask "Why not?"
   This concept culminated in the tagline "Why not change the world?" Although only five words, the line sums up the spirit of the university and all those associated with it. It is a question and a statement, rolled into one. It is the belief, shared by everyone at Rensselaer, that they have the confidence, the tools and the ability to change the world. And to those not already connected to Rensselaer, it serves as an invitation to come join us in this quest.
   The phrase was met with approval from Rensselaer's Strategic Marketing Committee, the President's Council, and the Rensselaer Alumni Association. In the words of Glenn Brown '54, president of the RAA, "'Why not change the world?' has a kind of roll-up-your-sleeves sound to it. It's smart and it's confident. It says all the right things."
   With the tagline in place, it was time to take it to the world.



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