The Old Logo

I remember the old school logo represented here. The grizzled surveyor with transit, the ancient airplane and train, once represented what RPI was all about. I don't know how long a history of use it had, but sometime after my era (1948) it was apparently abandoned as no longer a fair representation of RPI and few if any students today know of its existence nor realize its proud heritage.
   The logo was rediscovered in 1995 and was successfully used by the Navy Reunion committee in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the wartime Navy programs.
   RPI has no comparable symbol today. The old man with his transit does represent the RPI the old-timers knew as no other symbol can. Might it be updated to represent the new and better RPI? As we celebrate 175 years of history, why not?

— Bob Cook '48
Slingerlands, N.Y..


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