E. Trifon Laskaris, Ph.D. '74

E. Trifon Laskaris, Ph.D. '74, was the 1998 co-winner of the GE Research and Development Center's highest honor, the Coolidge Fellowship Award. He was cited for his "world leadership in the design and application of superconducting magnets." His many innovations in this field have earned him 110 U.S. patents. Here he peers through the opening of an experimental superconducting apparatus he is currently developing.
   Laskaris manages the Electromechanical Systems Program which, in recent years, has focused on the development of powerful superconducting magnets for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. His team developed the prototype magnets for all of GE's MRI products. These systems are operating in thousands of hospitals around the world.
   Coolidge Fellowships are granted annually to recognize outstanding and sustained contributions to science or engineering by members of the R&D Center's research staff. Fellows are granted a half-year leave to pursue individual projects and research interests of their choosing.


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