Professor Hollinger

It was the summer of 1984 and I had arrived on the RPI campus right out of high school, no summer vacation. It was quite a transition from New York City to Troy but it was very exciting and a real adventure. As a HEOP student I took classes over that summer and I was completely prepped for the fall '84 semester as a freshman.
   One of my classes was chemistry, a subject I truly loathe to this day. However, the professor was Henry Hollinger. Professor Hollinger has got to be the most wonderful faculty member I have ever met in all of my years associated with Rensselaer. He managed to somehow make chemistry fun and also teach us a whole lot about that science. Despite the homework, labs, and tests, I really enjoyed the class and the experience. This will always remain one of my fondest academic experiences at RPI. Thank you, Professor Hollinger.

— Michael A. Rivera '90
Troy, N.Y.


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