Freshman Beanies

In the fall of 1946 I was one of many WWII veterans starting at Rensselaer; most upperclassmen were younger than we were. On one of the first few days I was walking on campus I observed an upperclassman stopping two students and asking them if they were freshmen. When they stated that they were he informed them that they were supposed to be wearing a certain hat, I think a beanie. I don't remember their exact words, and they probably wouldn't be printable if I did, but they informed this upperclassman, in no uncertain terms, that they had no intention of ever wearing one. I went over and talked to them after and found out that they were both ex-Marines. I don't know if word of this particular incident got out, but within a few days no one was wearing beanies, not even the young freshmen, and as far as I know they never returned to the RPI campus.
   I would like to add that in the long run, this Class of '50, a mixed group of veterans and kids right out of high school, got along well, each learning from the other.

— Ben Ransom '50
  Holland Patent, N.Y.


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