Bruce Adams

Vicarious Visions' Karthik Bala '97

Photo by Mark McCarty

Information technology-better known as "IT"-has changed our lives.
   I can remember when grandma would send a penny postcard from her side of town to ours just to say, "I'm feeling much better now and baking raisin-filled cookies. I hope to visit you on Thursday."
   Today, my grandchildren can take digital photos of their Easter vacation in Paris, immediately download them to their laptop, and send them off to arrive seconds later at our home in upstate New York.
   "You kids look splendid!" I reply. "We're just about to have some breakfast! Have fun today at Versailles!"
   What a small world.
   But the world isn't just smaller. It's a different world. Made so by information technology.
   Rensselaer alumni make up a very large share of the pioneers and young
  visionaries who have been creating this IT world.
   Look among the most respected creators of the microchips, computers, algorithms, software, networks, protocols, standards, corporations, and all the other vital components of the IT revolution and you will find a host of Rensselaer classmates.



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