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Kyle Wellman '92 wedding:

Kyle Wellman '92 married Lauren Palmer Oct. 9, 1999, in Hartford, Conn. Rensselaer alumni who attended were, from left, back row: Scott Coe '92, EdHinterneder '92, Kyle Wellman '92, Steve Hinterneder '93, Gregg Nichols '92, and Rick Drost '92. Front row: father of the bride Dave Palmer '68, and John Paul Amico '92.

Edwin Cruz '94 - Stacey Dole '92 wedding:

Some good old friends got together at the wedding of Edwin Cruz '94 and Stacey (Dole) Cruz '94 in Connecticut July 24, 1999. From left, top row: Jose Sanchez '92, Arnold Oyola '93, Eric Schubber. Middle row: Juan Patarroyo '94, Cindy Foy, Milady Merette-Polanco, Pamela MacLean, Selvi Oyola '96, Sally Valdez '95. Bottom row: Edwin Cruz '94 and Stacey (Dole) Cruz '92.


Chris Somers '92 - Laura Begarney '92 wedding:

Rensselaer alumni who attended the wedding of Laura Begarney '92 and Chris Somers '92 are, from left: Jill (Knight) Clauss '92, Craig Clauss '91, David Sullivan '92, Daryl Hoot '92, Jo-Anne Peck '92, Pat Hunt '92, Chris Somers '92, Laura (Begarney) Somers '92, John Rowzee '91, Joe Hynes '92, Eric
Schanberger '93, and Tom
Rathje '83. Missing from the
photo is Laura's brother Mike
Begarney '94.


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