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Alumni Weddings

Drilon/Atwood WeddingJennifer Drilon '95 - Nathan Atwood'96 wedding:

Jennifer Drilon '95 and Nathan Atwood '96 were married April 29, 2000, in Virginia Beach, Va., with the following alumni in attendance: Front row, from left: Mike DeCresenzo '01, Matt Sessa '01, Francisco Grimaldi '98, Jennifer (Drilon) Atwood '95, Nathan Atwood '96, Tony Elias '96, George Snider '95, Deepak Srikant '95; All others, from left: Jeremy Paino '01, Ian Finn '99, Lincoln Brown '98, Julie Matson '98, Nick McDaniel '97, Mike Skalski '95, Rachel Ceasar, Stephanie Tudor '95, Ellen Bradley '95, Chris Gridley '98, Suzy Dunn '95, Theresa (Irlandez) Adams '95, Josh Adams '95, Tara Capobianco '95, Laura Dubnoff '97, Gale (Guthrie) Kerr '95, Dave Kerr '95, Lauren Freiman '94, Laurie Leonard '92, Tai Hai (Kim) Egres '93, Tom Gibney '92, Jennifer Roe '95, Kathy Graczyk '97, Catie (Hardiman) Berger '97, Ken Lavelle '93, Ilana (Chodorov) Lavelle '93, Heather Shenkman '97, and Jennifer (Arthur) Fowler.

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