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Reaching for the Stars: Rensselaer’s First Constellation

A major gift of $5 million from Gail Theilmann Kodosky and Jeff Kodosky ’70 has set into motion plans for Rensselaer’s first “constellation” in physics, information technology, and entrepreneurship. Jeff Kodosky received his bachelor’s degree in physics from Rensselaer in 1970 and is co-founder, director, and vice president of research and development of National Instruments (see also Making a Difference).   

Fundamental to realizing the strategic opportunities presented by the Rensselaer Plan is hiring and retaining the very best people—world-class faculty—and assuring that Rensselaer can provide them with a community of research colleagues, the programmatic resources, and the physical facilities to make their work come to life, and to engage our students.   

To attract the very best people, and to achieve real impact, Rensselaer’s intention is to create constellations of faculty working in carefully selected areas across the spectrum of information technology, biotechnology, and their nexus. These constellations will bring internationally recognized senior faculty members to Rensselaer, pair them with junior faculty members in their field, and support them with the research and programmatic resources needed for leadership in a particular research arena.   

Each of the constellations will catapult Rensselaer forward quickly in a given area of research and education. Collectively, all of the constellations will create a critical mass of outstanding faculty who, in partnership with existing Rensselaer stars, will create true global reach and impact.

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