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Howard M. Henze ’69 Gloversville, N.Y.

The Field House is a place of memories for anyone who attended RPI. We had concerts— Dave Brubeck, Woody Allen, The Lovin’ Spoonful; graduations—Timothy Leary; hockey when the boys, led by Rich and Dale, beat Ken Dryden.

My own favorite memory is of the tradition of Campus Carols. It was a free event in mid-December open to both the campus and the public and there was never an empty seat. It was the Glee Club singing in celebration of Christmas with the Orchestra and a guest girl’s choir from a nearby school.

The first half of the program was by the Glee Club, alone. We processed from both sides of the ice, starting about mid-way, singing, unaccompanied and in unison “Adeste Fidelis” in Latin. As a freshman, your first time, your greatest fear was slipping. No one did. Your pure joy was unison men’s voices singing that ancient carol in a darkened, hushed “cavern.”

The Class of ’69 Glee Clubbers performed only three Campus Carols in the Field House. The event for 1968 was cancelled due to a nasty snowstorm but we presented our portion over WPRI from their studio on 15th Street.

Campus Carols was a wonderful tradition to celebrate the holidays and to bring the community in support of the high quality of musicianship at the technical school on the hill.

Howard M. Henze ’69 Gloversville, N.Y.



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