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Robert R. Fluck Jr. ’72 Syracuse, N.Y.

You asked for remembrances of the Houston Field House. This is significant to me because I will celebrate my 50th birthday this year as well.

I have three events at Houston Field House that stick out in my mind from my undergraduate years at the ’Tute. First was a concert by Iron Butterfly (the first real heavy metal band!). They played “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” for over 45 minutes. It was good that they had the roof fastened on securely—that was one wild concert!

The other memorable concert was the Fifth Dimension. During the course of their concerts, the group would go into the audience to bring a member of the opposite sex on stage to dance with them for one song. Marilyn McCoo (about 6 feet tall and quite beautiful) walked right up to me—and chose the guy NEXT to me! I had to conceal my disappointment from my pinmate, of course.

Event number three was not so joyous. In a hockey game (the opponent for which escapes me at this time) one of our players was knocked unconscious by a relatively vicious check. He lay on the ice for nearly one half-hour before being moved. I’m sure that the sweat from his hockey uniform conducted the heat out of his body quite rapidly during that whole time, adding hypothermia to whatever other injuries he had. I remember writing an editorial to the Poly at the time decrying the inadequacy of the care the injured athlete received.

Last, I was privileged (although I didn’t know it at the time) to attend the last Commencement festivities conducted at the Field House when my son graduated in 1998 . . . I had been visiting Troy during my son’s undergraduate years, mainly as transportation until he received his own car. It was a sad moment when I realized that there was no reason any more to come to campus.

I’m happy that the Houston Field House is still a vital part of the campus life at RPI. Happy Birthday!

Robert R. Fluck Jr. ’72 Syracuse, N.Y.



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