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HASS Requirements

All students working toward a B.S. degree are required to take a selection of Humanities, Arts and Social Science courses that is referred to as the HASS core. It consists of 24 credit hours or six courses distributed in such a way as to afford students a breadth of perspective across the various disciplines as well as a more in-depth experience in at least one area.

Distribution Requirements:
To ensure that students have breadth in their core courses, students must select at least two courses (8 credit hours) from humanities and two courses (8 credit hours) of social sciences. HASS interdisciplinary courses (IHSS) may be substituted for courses in either category.

To ensure that students have some depth in their HASS core, students must take at least two courses within a single area prefix (STSH and STSS can be counted as a single area), at least one of which is taken at an advanced level (above 1000). No course within the depth sequence may be taken as Pass/No Credit. No more than three 1000-level HASS courses may be applied toward the HASS core requirement, no more than 6 credits may be taken as Pass/No credit and at least one course (4 credits) must be at the 4000 level.

Note: For ITWS students ITWS-1220 Politics and Economics of IT (Social Science) and ITWS-2210 Intro. to Human Computer Interaction (Humanities) are counted towards your HASS requirements. No other ITWS core courses or concentration courses can be counted towards your HASS core requirements.

Suggested 2000/4000 HASS Courses for IT Students

ARTS-2540 The Multimedia Century
COMM-4400 Cross-Cultural Graphics
COMM-4470 Information Design
COMM-4560 Media and Popular Culture
COMM-4710 Communication Design for the WWW
COMM-4770 User-Centered Design
COMM-4790 Social Impact of Electronic Media
COMM-4830 Organizational Communication
ECON-4140 Structure of Industry: Competition Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Policy
ECON-4230 Environmental Economics
PHIL-4260 Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
STSH-4210 Engineering Ethics
STSH-4220 Ethical Issues in Computing
STSH-4510 History of American Technology
STSS-2210 Design, Culture and Society
STSS-2250 Information, Society and Culture
STSS-4350 Politics of Design

Students may also want to consider foreign language courses as elective courses.

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