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Undergraduate Degree Requirements - 2010

The requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology & Web Science degree for those students entering the program in the Fall 2010 semester and beyond are shown below.

Only Free Electives and HASS Electives may be taken with the Pass/No Credit option.

ITWS Core Requirements: (36 or 40 credits)
  1. ITWS-1100 Introduction to Information Technology 4 credits
One of the following two sequences:*
  • ECSE-2610 Computer Components & Operations
  • ENGR-2350 Embedded Control
  • ECSE-2660 Computer Arch, Networking and OS
  • CSCI-2500 Computer Organization
  • CSCI-2300 Introduction to Algorithms (formerly known as Data Structures and Algorithms)
8 or 12 credits
4. ITWS-2110 Web Systems Development 4 credits
5. ITWS Database Elective (one of):
    CSCI-4380 Database Systems
    MGMT-4170 Data Resource Management
4 credits
6. ITWS-2961 Creativity and IT 4 credits
  7. ITWS-4100 IT Capstone Experience 4 credits
8. ITWS-4200 Web Science 4 credits
9. ITWS-4310 Managing IT Resources 4 credits

Math/Science Requirements: (24 credits)
1. MATH-1010 Calculus I 4 credits
  2. Math Elective 4 credits
3. CSCI-1100 Computer Science I 4 credits
4. CSCI-1200 Data Structures (formerly Computer Science II) 4 credits
  5. Physical Science Elective (PHYS-XXXX) 4 credits
  6. Life Science Elective (BIOL-XXXX) 4 credits

Humanities and Social Sciences Requirements: (24 credits)
1. ITWS-1220 IT and Society 4 credits
2. ITWS-2210 Intro to Human Computer Interaction 4 credits
  3. Humanities Elective 4 credits
  4. Social Science Elective 4 credits
  5. HASS Elective 4 credits
  6. HASS Elective 4 credits

Free Elective Requirements: (8-12 credits)
  1. Free Elective 4 credits
  2. Free Elective 4 credits
  3. Free Elective 4 credits

Student-Selected Concentration: (32 credits)
  1. Concentration Course 4 credits
  2. Concentration Course 4 credits
  3. Concentration Course 4 credits
  4. Concentration Course 4 credits
  5. Concentration Course 4 credits
  6. Concentration Course 4 credits
  7. Concentration Elective 4 credits
  8. Concentration Capstone/Course 4 credits

The student selects a concentration from a list of available concentrations. Each concentration prescribes the courses that it requires. Alternatively, a student may choose his or her own courses with faculty advisement to fulfill concentration requirements and explore a special interest.

Students must satisfy an 8-credit communication requirement. See your advisor for details.

*Select either the three-course ECSE sequence or the two-course CSCI sequence. If the ECSE sequence is chosen, ENGR-2350 will replace one free elective slot. Move one course from Semester III to a Semester with a free elective. If the CSCI Sequence is chosen, the math elective in Semester II must be MATH-2800 Introduction to Discrete Structures. If a student is planning to apply to the co-terminal MS in IT program, they need to select the CSCI sequence.

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