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ITWS Concentration: Cognitive Science
(Humanities, Arts and Social Science)

For those entering the program Fall 2011 semester & beyond

Contact Person: Bram van Heuveln

Cognitive Science applies to IT and Web Science majors in a natural and important way. An understanding of how the human mind takes in and processes information in terms of perception, attention, and memory, will form important guidelines for the actual human usability of any piece of information technology beyond its pure functionality. The Cognitive Science concentration in IT and Web Science thus allows students to incorporate cognitive science knowledge into their design of information technology to create, for example, more efficient and effective human-computer interfaces. However, knowledge about the human mind will also open the doors for information technologies that try to mimic or augment some of the strategies employed by human minds, thus leading to artificially intelligent information technology, or brain-computer interfaces.

Required Courses:

Semester I Semester II

ITWS-1100 Introduction to Information Technology and Web Science

CSCI-1100 Computer Science I

MATH-1010 Calculus I

IHSS-1964 Minds and Machines

CSCI-1200 Data Structures

PSYC-1200 General Psychology

ITWS-1220 IT and Society

Math Elective (1)

Semester III Semester IV

One of:
- ITWS-2961 Creativity and IT
- ITWS-496X IT for Arts and Performance

One of: (1)
- ECSE-2610 Computer Components and Operations and ENGR-2350 Embedded Control
- CSCI-2500 Computer Organization

ITWS-2110 Web Systems Development

PSYC-2220 Human Factors in Design

ITWS-4200 Web Science

ITWS-2210 Intro to Human Computer Interaction

One of: (1)
- ECSE-2660 Computer Arch, Networking and OS
- CSCI-2300 Introduction to Algorithms

PSYC-4370 Cognitive Psychology

Semester V Semester VI

ITWS-4310 Managing IT Resources

PSYC-2310 Experimental Methods and Statistics

Life Science Elective (BIOL-XXXX)

HASS Elective (2)

ITWS Elective (one of):
- CSCI-4380 Database Systems
- MGMT-4170 Data Resource Management

PSYC-4620 Cognitive Engineering

Physical Science Elective (PHYS-XXXX)

HASS Elective (2)

Semester VII Semester VIII

One of: (3)
- ITWS-4100 Information Technology and Web Science Capstone (Professional Track)
- ITWS-4990 Senior Thesis (Research Track)

PSYC Elective

HASS Elective (2)

Free Elective

PSYC-4990 Undergraduate Thesis

HASS Elective (2)

Free Elective

Free Elective

ITWS-4990 Senior Thesis (Research Track Only)

Students must satisfy an 8-credit communication requirement. See your advisor for details.

(1) Select either the three-course ECSE sequence or the two-course CSCI sequence. If the ECSE sequence is chosen, ENGR-2350 will replace one free elective slot. If the CSCI Sequence is chosen, your math elective in Semester II must be MATH-2800 Introduction to Discrete Structures. If a student is planning to apply to the co-terminal MS in IT program, they need to select the CSCI sequence.

(2) See HASS requirements

(3) Co-terminal students would replace ITWS-4100 Information Technology and Web Science Capstone with ITWS-4980 Special Projects course which will be the culminating experience.

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