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Student Views & Alumni Stories

Scott Jablonski
M.S. in Information Technology
Concentration in Information Systems Engineering

Scott Jablonski *
“Successful businesspeople understand what their customers are asking for and can help craft a solution that benefits both the client and the vendor. The development process can be very complex, though, since it often needs to support clients of all shapes and sizes. Thus, it is vital to be able to communicate effectively with the many individuals involved in creating and deploying a solution. Oracle Corporation hired me as a Product Manager knowing that the cross-functional knowledge I gained in the RPI Master’s in IT program had prepared me well for the communication demands associated with launching a new technology. All of the eventual interactions with engineers, marketing executives, senior management, customers, and other individuals helped lead to our team’s successful launch in 2002.”

“The interviewers at Harvard and other business schools I had applied to were impressed with the opportunity that I had at RPI to be part of an on-campus startup company while pursuing my Master’s Degree in Information Technology. My graduate time at RPI was an amazing learning experience because I had the opportunity to directly apply the lessons that I learned in the classroom to the ongoing activities with our startup.”

I am originally from upstate New York and arrived at Rensselaer in 1994 to pursue a B.S. in Psychology. While an undergraduate, I became fascinated with Information Technology and I decided to work in a technical role with the National Missile Defense program following my graduation in 1998. After a short time in that role, I felt that I needed a better formal understanding of the “business of technology” — which business theories and decision-making processes can help technologies thrive — and I decided to come back to Rensselaer to obtain an M.S. in IT and graduated in 2000.

My time at Rensselaer provided me the building blocks for a life and professional career that have, thankfully, been very satisfying:

  • The Rensselaer faculty and student population, brilliant and from many different backgrounds, taught me a number of lessons and broadened my worldview.
  • The skills that I obtained while attending class, consulting with clients, and starting a company in the RPI Incubator Center helped me understand a great deal about technology and the business world.
  • Extracurricular activities within the community, on the sports field, and elsewhere helped me become a more effective leader.

My time at RPI prepared me well for past successes and I am confident that it will help me again as I move onto new challenges at Harvard Business School and beyond.

Highlights of Past Employment:
Senior Product Manager, January 2004 – June 2005
ClaimIQ, Inc., San Francisco, CA

  • Helped shape future product direction of “ClaimIQ”, enterprise insurance risk management software used by some of the largest U.S. personal lines insurance vendors
  • Created an enhancement tracking system, a strategic requirements gathering process, and weekly release meetings to both track hundreds of requested features and facilitate cross-team communication

Senior Product Manager, January 2001 – January 2004
Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA

  • Helped craft product direction of “Oracle Files,” an enterprise file system application; facilitated initial launch of product; recruited and consulted with strategic product customers and partners around the world
  • Managed product’s internal release; led organization-wide meetings to track milestones, interactions and dependencies with other Oracle teams in the official Product Release Process

Co-Founder, Director of IT, May 1999 – September 2000
IOTA Solutions, Inc., Troy, NY

  • Developed signature product, “MyClassEvaluation,” an online application that collects and analyzes customer feedback and is used by a number of public and private sector organizations
  • Co-wrote business plan and key charter information for funding and RPI Incubator Center discussions

Current Position:
MBA student, Harvard Business School

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