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Student Views & Alumni Stories

Larisa Necliudova
M.S. in Information Technology
Concentration in Software Design

Larisa Necliudova *
“IT is a multidimensional resource in a company. It’s a resource for planning, a resource used by the engineers, and a resource for the customers. Courses in Rensselaer’s M.S. degree like Business Issues for Engineers and Scientists set me up to view IT from this perspective. Now, at Teradyne, I get to enjoy a job with so many facets because my boss knows I can handle the variety.”

I’m originally from Russia where I earned an advanced degree in History. I previously worked as a history teacher and in an import business. I’ve always enjoyed sports and was once an International level instructor in aerobics and body sculpting. I came to the United States with the hope of learning something entirely different. I knew that “information exchange in an organization” was a key to the company’s success. When I found RPI’s M.S. in IT and its combination of a focus on communication with my new interest in technology, I was ready to enroll.

Highlights of Past Employment:

Summer Intern, December 2002 – August 2003
Pitney Bowes, Shelton, CT

My internship was with the Trusted Coprocessor Development Group of Pitney Bowes. The main function of the group is the development of secure systems that provide integrity to the infrastructure that supports the manufacture, deployment and trusted operation of Pitney Bowes products in the field. Initially, my responsibilities involved maintenance of older code, including code review and unit and system testing. Later, I specified, designed, and implemented transaction code for new products and systems.

Current Position:
Software Engineer, April 2004 – present
Teradyne, Boston, MA

I maintain a software development environment for a group of about 200 software engineers, focused on producing the software component for a major semiconductor manufacturing product line. My position involves interfacing with various engineering teams across the company, both local and abroad. My responsibilities include:

  • maintenance of about 60 machines that are used for overnight builds of the product
  • the design and maintenance of the source control structure for multiple projects
  • technical support for the build and source control tools and environments
  • design and execution of the process to create the final software product
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