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Student Views & Alumni Stories

Damyon Thompson
M.S. in Information Technology
Concentration in E-Business Engineering

Damyon Thompson *
“My Rensselaer IT degree gave me a fast track into the work I’m now doing for IBM. The IT Master’s Capstone class especially prepared me for immediate assignment on customer projects.”

“I work in IBM’s High Performance On Demand Solutions (HiPODS) group. The knowledge I gained from my courses at RPI was put to use on the job right away, particularly my Business Issues for Engineers & Scientists and the IT & Systems for E-business classes.”

“The IBM HiPODS group interacts with people from all over the world. My Rensselaer Master’s classes gave me several advantages in this area. In some classes, I worked with experienced professionals (students who were completing the IT Master’s on-line while working at companies such as IBM, Lockheed Martin, etc.) In this case, I learned how to work with remote teams on various projects. I also had classmates from many countries, which gave me an international perspective on a wide variety of topics in and out of the classroom. I was able to adapt and connect to the global HiPODS teams with ease because I could share my experiences with former classmates of mine.

I’m originally from the heart of Silicon Valley — San Jose, California — and completed my five year dual degree program at Tennessee State University in Computer Science and Business Information Systems. I had a great experience as an undergrad, which was culminated by my election as President of the Student Government Association. I chose RPI’s Master’s in IT program because it not only focused on the current technologies, but also examined how businesses and corporations were affected by the implementation and acceptance of these technologies.

Highlights of Past Employment:

  • Completed 5 internships with IBM in various locations (San Jose, CA; Rochester, MN; Poughkeepsie, NY)
  • Application Integration Middleware Summer Intern, May 2004 – August 2004
    IBM, Poughkeepsie, NY
    I developed scripts to assist the Product Validation team in configuring its environment for test cases. Also, I utilized automation tools such as STAF and STAX, (which were designed to create the infrastructure that would allow the AWACS scripts) to run. The assignment provided me with an opportunity to work with WAS running on the z/OS platform.

Current Position:
Software Engineer, January 2005 – present
IBM, San Jose, CA

  • Worked with current storage and server provisioning projects
  • Served as Project Manager for key customer accounts
  • Served as Technical Assistant for (HiPODS) Vice President,
    • Allowed me to assist in the execution of HiPODS and IBM’s On Demand strategy
    • Served as the focal point for developing the agenda, presentations and demos for the senior Vice President’s visit with the HiPODS team
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