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Environmental Discovery




The Darrin Fresh Water Institute works closely with school districts, colleges, and universities across the region to enhance their various science curriculums. Among these partnerships, DFWI is host to the Environmental Discovery Program which is sponsored by the Fund for Lake George.  The program has benefitted many students, specifically those from the Bolton Central School district. For fifteen years, students have been introduced to all of the basic techniques environmental and limnological research.


The day at the institute typically starts with some field work where the students can work hands on with professional researchers and field equipment. In the past, students have performed such experiments as examining the causes of nutrient loading in freshwater bodies, such as upland development and storm water runoff.

After the field studies are complete, the students perform microscopy on their collected samples to see the organisms responsible for the foundation of an aquatic food web.
New curricula continues to be added to the program including introductions to non-indigenous invasive species, geographic information systems, and lake delta measurement/assessment.



Environmental Discovery Gallery

For more information on this program and bringing your class to DFWI, please contact:

David G. Diehl


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