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Toby Michelena

Graduate Student

Toby is a graduate student who entered the program in January 2009.  After many years in working both in the governmental and private sectors, he returned to academia to pursue his Ph.D. in biology.  After obtaining a B.S. in Marine Biology from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, he spent two years in an environmental toxicology graduate program before moving to work on hazardous and nuclear waste issues.

toby michelenaToby's current research focus melds his undergraduate degree with his graduate and work experience.  His project, The Biological Implications of Current-Use Pesticide Policies on the Hudson River Estuary, is designed to investigate and determine how pesticide policies translate to environmental exposure in the Hudson River Estuary.  It blends ecological, toxicological and policy studies into a single, integrated research program.

In addition to his main research, Toby is interested in how metals such as mercury and aluminum move through the biotic and abiotic components of the environment and how their mobility and toxicicity impacts the health of the ecosystem.  Other interests include anthropogenic induced succession Toby Michelenaand regional scale ecosystem changes.

Toby also has a particular interest in working with undergraduate students to provide opportunities and experience in ecological studies.  So if you are interested in ecological and toxicological research, come in for a visit.

And oh yes, he also has crazy hair and wants to sample the world.



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Toby Michelena
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