Lake George
Darrin Fresh Water Institute,
5060 Lake Shore Drive
Bolton Landing, NY 12814

Ph: (518) 644-3541
Fax: (518) 644-3640

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Sandra Nierzwicki-Bauer - Director

Dr. Charles Boylen - Associate Director

Lawrence Eichler - Research Scientist

Dr. Alexey A. Vepritskiy - Research Associate

David G. Diehl - Site Manager/Coordinator

David Winkler - Research Specialist

Dr. Mark Swinton - Post Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Jeremy Farrell - Post Doctoral Researcher/Adjunct Professor

Laurie Ahrens - Research Technician

Tiffini Burlingame - Research Assistant

Tina Geren - Administrative Specialist


DFWI Graduate Students

Bianca Pier - Graduate Student (PhD)

Alex Pezzuoli - Graduate Student (PhD)


DFWI Research Interns & Volunteers



Dr. Jim Sutherland - NYS DEC (Ret.) - Consultant

Dr. Jay Bloomfield - NYS DEC

Mr. Scott Quinn - NYS DEC (Ret.)

Mr. Brian Weatherwax - NYS Museum

Dr. Robert Daniels - NYS Museum (Ret.)

Dr. Gregory Lawrence - US Geological Survey Troy, NY

Dr. Bahram Momen - University of Maryland

Mr. Daniel Josephson - Cornell University

Dr. William Shaw - Marist College (Ret.)

Dr. Donald Charles - Philadelphia Academy of Science

Mr. Frank Acker- Philadelphia Academy of Science






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