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dave winklerDave Winkler

Laboratory Supervisor

Joining DFWI in 1999, Dave Winkler serves as the manager of the Keck Waterdave winkler Research Lab, a research arm of DFWI located on the RPI campus and also assists in several of the Institute's ongoing projects both in and out of the field.

Graduating from Oswego State University with a BS in Geology and a minor in marine science, Dave is responsible for the water chemistry analysis and data distribution of DFWI's various research projects. In addition to his responsibilities in the lab, Dave has been conducting field work for over 15 years. His research interests include lake ecology, field research methodology, water chemistry, and stream dynamics. Dave just completed field and laboratory research on the AEAP/NYSERDA Project and is now involved in several of the ongoing projects at the Keck Water Lab. He is also currently involved in the diving portion of the ongoing research regarding the Asian Clam invasion in Lake George. His most recent work is with DFWI's research at Brooktrout Lake involving an in depth look at its previously unmapped tributary system.

Dave WinklerA Long Island native, Dave is also a lifeguard instructor and an advanced open water diver, holding proficiencies in night, nav, research, nitrox, and search & recovery diving. When not found in the lab, Dave enjoys photography and also likes to hike, run, bike, and partake in an occasional triathlon.

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Dave Winkler
Keck Water Research Lab, RPI
Ph (518) 276-4128
Cell (518) 225-4955

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