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Research Interns

Celeste Ostman

Summer Research Assistant, DFWI RPI Labs

celeste ostmanFinished with her Junior year at RPI Celeste is seeking a BS degree in Environmental Engineering from and is expected to graduate in 2013. She was also just accepted into RPI's coterminal program in environmental engineering.  Celeste has worked for DFWI since May 2010, and will probably continue working for the organization for the rest of her time at RPI. 

While working for a bunch of scientists, Celeste realized that she is very glad she is an Engineer. That way, she will never have to work with Flow Injection Analyzers or autosamplers once she graduates.

Celeste is very involved in her Sorority attending events, and enjoys spending time with her sisters.


She also enjoys a good "celesta" now and then.

celeste ostman







Contact Information

Celeste Ostman
Keck Water Research Lab DFWI
Ph (518) 276-4128
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