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anne robertsAnne Roberts

Graduate Student

Annie graduated from Hartwick College in 2007 with a BA in Biology.  She first joined the Darrin Freshwater Institute as a summer intern in 2008.  She returned in 2009 as a graduate student.  She is working on her PhD, studying the water fern Azolla as a candidate for broad-scale aquatic phytoremediation. 
Her project is two-fold.  One of her research areas looks at the uptake and removal of the heavy metal lead from aqueous solution by Azolla.  She is studying what parameters effect lead uptake, such as difference between species and extreme light stress, as well as having an interest in how the plant picks up the metal and how it is stored. 

anne roberts
The second area of her research focuses on the removal of pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs) from the aquatic environment.  PPCPs are an emerging contaminant class of great concern.  Specifically, Annie is looking at the uptake or breakdown of 17-β estradiol, ibuprofen, and fluoxetine by Azolla.     

Annie is also interested in the symbiosis between Azolla and its nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria, and if this favorable symbiosis plays any role in the plants ability to remove lead or PPCPs.     

 Outside of the laboratory, Annie loves to paint, sew, swim, and explore the great outdoors.




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