Lake George
Darrin Fresh Water Institute,
5060 Lake Shore Drive
Bolton Landing, NY 12814

PH: (518) 644-3541
Fax:(518) 644-3640
DFWI Facilities:

Other Resources

Data Processing

A variety of resources are available to researchers to process data at the Darrin Fresh Water Institute. Collected data from experiments is analyzed using state of the art statistical and database software.  A direct network connection with the Troy campus makes the data available to researchers at RPI.


Conference Room

View from DFWI's conference room

With its beautiful view of Lake George and Bolton Bay, the conference room is the perfect gathering place for small group meetings and can seat 8-10 individuals comfortably.  This area also includes a small library of DFWI-related publications and other references related to Lake George and the Adirondacks.






DFWI V.I.P. Labs

The V.I.P labs at DFWI serve as a full service laboratory space for visiting scientists to the Institute over a prolonged period of time. The labs can be outfitted with supplies and equipment to cater to the specific needs of the research being performed. For more information, please contact us.


Machine and Repair Shop

Researchers have use of a full service repair shop to care for all of their field equipment needs. Any task from minor repairs to the creation of support equipment can be accomplished here.



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