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Keck Water Research Laboratory


Welcome to the W.M. Keck Foundation Water Quality Laboratory

keck aaAs a research arm of DFWI, this state-of-the-art facility located on the RPI campus has quickly become a vital resource in Rensselaer’s water quality research. Made possible by a major gift from the W.M. Keck Foundation, the lab is located on the third floor of Rensselaer’s Materials Research Center giving RPI faculty, research staff and students the opportunity to have cutting edge water quality instruments at their fingertips.

The Keck Lab is also directly involved in research projects with DFWI as well as other institutional organizations. Involvement in these projects makes Keck a unique research satellite in which researchers, both professional and student, have the opportunity to be directly involved in the research both in the field as well as the lab. This type of involvement is not commonly seen in analytical labs which gives researchers, especially students, the opportunity to see what goes into a resaerch project from start to finish.

dave winklerThe facility is split into two sections, one half dedicated to environmental issues and water testing, the other for biological research. All in one facility, researchers can quickly determine the exact chemical compostion of soil and water samples as well as quantify andexamine microscopic organisms. These scientific instruments are important tools for exploring the natural world, protecting freshwater and groundwater sources, critical problems to engineering solutions and guiding public policy.

The lab is Nationally certified by National Environmental Laboratory Certification Conference (NELAC), and also certified in New York State through the EnvironmentalLaboratory Approval Program (ELAP). Both of these certifications ensure top quality in water analysis and methods.

Whether your analytical needs are for water quality, biological analysis, or in the scope of environmental engineering, the Keck Water Research Lab can cater to your specific research project needs so you can get fast, reliable results.







Keck Water Reserach Lab...

Current Research at the Keck Water Lab


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