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Field Resources and Capabilities

The Right Equipment For Efficient Research

The proper collection and recording of data are essential in order to maintain project integrity and quality assurance when performing basic research.  Moreover, the planning and selection of appropriate field and laboratory equipment ensures that the research project will be conducted in an efficient and safe manner. 

The DFWI facility offers a wide selection of field and laboratory equipment, and other resources, which are made available to facilitate a variety of research programs.  As far as vehicle transportation, DFWI has several 4-wheel drive trucks which provide access to all local areas and the remote areas of the Adirondack Park.  If research on lakes and ponds is being considered, the DFWI facility has a large range of watercraft from canoes and inflatable rafts up to the newest 36-foot cruiser available for research and sampling on Lake George. 




AEAP helicopterOnce samples are collected in the field, the Bolton Landing complex offers a variety of labs and bench space where samples can be inventoried and analyzed.

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Research Vessels

Field Equipment





DFWI Research Vessels


Key_WestThe Key West 17'

The KeyWest is a deployable (on a trailer) 17' boat used mostly for remote studies on lakes other than Lake George. The vessel is currently being used for a pesticide study on the Hudson River.










Aussie Cat Gamefisher 23'

Our workhorse is the all-weather AussieCat Gamefisher 23'. Used for zebra mussel SCUBA study deployments, off-shore chemistry, the anoxic zone study in the Southern Basin of Lake George, and many other studies.





Pontoon Boat

The pontoon boat serves as the primary educational outreach vessel used for Navigating Rensselaer and beyond along with many other outreach activities. This vessel also serves as a platform for SCUBA deployments during various projects such as zebra mussel and milfoil studies.







Stamas Research Cruiser 32' (M&M)

For extended research out on a lake, our Stamas 32' Cruiser is more than sufficient. Fully equiped with cabin and bathroom facilities, researchers can stay out on the water for a prolonged period of time without having to return to port. It is especially useful for limnological studies that require scientists to perform research overnight.








Canoes and Kayaks








YSI Model 6600 multiparameter probe and sonde. 

Includes probes for pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, depth, chlorophyll and turbidity.






ISCO Sampler

Used for the remote sampling of a stream during a storm event. With a carousel that can hold up to 24-500ml bottles, ISCO samplers can be set to sample at regular intervals during an event. DFWI currently has 4 ISCO's for research needs.





DO Meters






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