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Rensselaer Data Warehouse Project

summary of requirements

Representatives from DecisionWorks Consultants, Inc. visited Rensselaer for a 10-day period from September 10th to September 19th, 2001 to perform a business requirements analysis that involved interviews with 49 Rensselaer staff members. Upon completion of the on-campus interview process, DecisionWorks provided a summary of high-level business requirements, as presented below.

analytical environment for decision support

Portfolio managers across the Institute are interested in better leveraging data in support of the Rensselaer Plan. Portfolio managers envision an analytic environment that will improve their ability to support the new planning environment and enable them to meet Cabinet members' expectations by supporting their decision-making processes with appropriate data.

Regardless of functional organization, the high-level business requirements focus on improved, direct access to more detailed, more consistent, and more integrated information. Users are especially interested in integrated data spanning Rensselaer's student relationships, grants, and financial processes.

analytical requirements and themes

A number of analytical requirements and themes were identified during the on-campus interview process, as shown in the left-hand column of the following diagram. Campus constituencies are shown across the top.

An X indicates that the given constituency has relevant requirements involving the given business process (e.g. the Registrar has Enrollment Analysis requirements). Further, a shaded X indicates key business needs.

Opportunity Matrix

For more information, refer to the DecisionWorks Findings document, written and provided by DecisionWorks Consulting.