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Rensselaer Data Warehouse Project

prioritization of deliverables

On October 3rd, 2001, DecisionWorks Consulting, Inc. facilitated a joint meeting of the data warehouse Sponsorship Committee and Steering Committee to review and prioritize the requirements discovered during the on-campus interview process.

During this session, there was healthy discussion over the relative value, the technical feasibility and the prioritization of each opportunity.

A consensus was not reached on the initial data warehouse priorities during the October 3rd session, yet six requirements were determined to be high-priority opportunities requiring further discussion. The Sponsorship Committee and Steering Committee agreed to reconvene at a later date to further discuss the prioritization issues and select an initial phase for the data warehouse project.

On October 18th, 2001, the Sponsorship Committee and Steering Committee reconvened and reconsidered the prioritization issues (DecisionWorks did not attend this session). The group unanimously selected Financial Analysis as the highest-priority requirement and therefore the initial phase for the data warehouse project. The group did not prioritize the other requirements, leaving subsequent phases open for further discussion.

assessing business value versus technical feasibility

During the October 3rd meeting, the requirements were mapped onto a matrix. The business value and technical feasibility of each requirement was discussed and then plotted within a quadrant based on its relative organizational value and feasibility. The resulting graph is shown below.

Feasibility vs. Value to Rensselaer

Note that Feasibility refers to the current degree of difficulty in implementing a data warehouse application at Rensselaer relative to data availability and existing data integrity.

For more information, refer to the DecisionWorks Findings document, written and provided by DecisionWorks Consulting.