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Rensselaer Data Warehouse Project

analysis interviews

DecisionWorks consultants visited Rensselaer for a 10-day period from September 10th to September 19th, 2001. During this analysis period, 31 interviews occurred with 49 individuals representing a wide variety of portfolios across Rensselaer, as well as a diverse vertical span of the Institute.

Interviews focused on the vision, goals, performance plan objectives, and supporting information and analysis requirements of the participants.

Following the interviews, the findings were consolidated and data warehouse opportunities identified. These opportunities were presented on October 3rd, 2001 at a combined meeting of the data warehouse Sponsorship Committee and Steering Committee.

The purpose of this combined session was to review the requirements as documented by DecisionWorks Consulting and begin the prioritization process of the initial phases of the Rensselaer Data Warehouse Project.

For more information, refer to the DecisionWorks Findings document, written and provided by DecisionWorks Consulting.

interview participants

A complete list of interview participants is detailed in the following tables.

schools and departments

Sept 10, 2001 Faye Duchin
Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences
Dean Button
Director, Program Development, H&SS
Sept 10, 2001 Joseph Flaherty
Dean, School of Science
Sam Wait
Associate Dean, School of Science
Sept 10, 2001 Mark Holmes
Chair, Department of Mathematics
David Spooner
Associate Dean, Department of Computer Science
John Tichy
Department Head,
Mechanical, Aerospace & Nuclear Engineering
Sept 11, 2001 James Watt
Chair, Language, Literature & Communication
Sept 12, 2001 William Baeslack
Dean, School of Engineering
Sept 13, 2001 Alan Balfour
Dean, School of Architecture
Dale Masten
Assitant to Dean, School of Architecture
Sept 13, 2001 Robert Baron
Interim Dean, School of Management
Sept 14, 2001 Sandi Redemann-Butcher
Financial Manager, DotCIO
Patricia Lyons
Director, Provost's Office
Rose Boshoff
Financial Manager,
Mechanical, Aerospace & Nuclear Engineering

student records

Sept 10, 2001 Sharon Kunkel
Director of Student Records & Financial Services

institute advancement

Sept 10, 2001 Margery Whiteman
Director, Advancement Services,
Institute Advancement
Tim Gergich
Assistant Director, Research, Advancement Services
Sept 14, 2001 David Haviland
Vice President for Institute Advancement
Terry Patton
Dave Bohan
Director, Alumni Relations
Tim Gergich
Assistant Director, Research, Advancement Services

division of the chief information officer

Sept 10, 2001 Ora Fish
Data Warehouse Project Manager, IACS
John Bradley
Interim Director,
Integrated Administrative Computing Services
Sept 12, 2001 John Kolb
Chief Information Officer, DotCIO
Sept 12, 2001 Deborah Rott
Applications Developer, IACS
Sept 13, 2001 Mark Sullivan
Associate Director, IACS

provost's office

Sept 11, 2001 Gary Gabriele
Vice Provost
Sept 11, 2001 Deborah Nazon
Assistant Provost for Institute Diversity
Sept 11, 2001 Gary Gabriele
Vice Provost
Tom Apple
Dean of Graduate Education, Provost's Office


Sept 11, 2001 Art Sanderson
Vice President for Research
Sept 13, 2001 Patricia Gray
Assistant Director, Contracts & Grants
Richard Scammell
Director, Contracts & Grants


Sept 11, 2001 Virginia Gregg
Vice President for Finance
Sept 13, 2001 Eileen McLoughlin
Director of Financial Planning & Budget
Helen Grzymala
Associate Director of Financial Planning & Budget

professional and distance learning

Sept 12, 2001 William Jennings
Acting Dean, Graduate School
Sept 13, 2001 Kim Scalzo
Director, Professional & Distance Education

student life

Oct 9, 2001 Eddie Knowles
Vice President, Student Life

government and community relations

Sept 12, 2001 Larry Snavley
Vice President, Government & Community Relations

office of the president

Sept 13, 2001 Cynthia McIntyre
Chief of Staff, President's Office
Charles Carletta
Secretary of the Institute and General Counsel
Oct 3, 2001 Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson

human resources

Sept 13, 2001 Curtis Powell
Vice President, Human Resources
Cindy Price
HRIS Coordinator, Human Resources

enrollment management

Sept 13, 2001 Teresa Duffy
Dean, Enrollment Management
Glenna Ryan
Director, Enrollment Services
Jack Mahoney
Director of Institutional Research


Sept 14, 2001 Mary Alice O'Brien
Director, Administration Systems Support
Ann LoPonto
Associate Director, Purchasing & Procurement Services
Steven Schwan
Manager of Financial Operations, P&AS