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Rensselaer Data Warehouse Project

project participants

Extensive Institute-wide participation in the development of the data warehouse is critical to the success of the data warehouse project. Since the data warehouse will house the Institute's data, various members of the Institute should be involved in representing their data warehousing needs and requirements.

To encourage Institute-wide participation, numerous committees have been formed and will continue to be formed throughout the course of the project, as summarized in the column to the right.

sponsorship committee

As champions of the data warehouse project, members of the Sponsorship Committee help to make and support key project scope decisions, review and approve plans for the development of the data warehouse initiative, and approve policies regarding data access, data security, and data confidentiality.

Sharing the vision of improved and consistent access to Institute information, this committee will:

  • enhance institutional effectiveness by developing and expanding the integrated use of management information across the Institute; and by expanding the required technological capabilities to support this activity
  • define user requirements and important technological capabilities
  • make policy recommendations regarding data access, data security, and data confidentiality
  • ensure proper implementation of the overall strategy and Institute-wide architectures in the key portfolios
  • review development plans
  • expedite decisions and issue directives in their respective organizations, as needed and as appropriate

Sponsorship Committee members:

  • Virginia Gregg - Vice President for Finance (co-chair)
  • David Haviland - Vice President for Institute Advancement
  • Eddie Knowles - Vice President for Student Life
  • John Kolb - Chief Information Officer (co-chair)
  • Bud Peterson - Provost
  • Curtis Powell - Vice President for Human Resources
  • Art Sanderson - Vice President for Research

steering committee

The Steering Committee's primary responsibility is to ensure the proper implementation of the data warehouse initiative within the designated timeframes and budget. This committee further ensures proper communication amongst team members, between supporting groups, and to the general public.

The Steering Committee will:

  • develop the overall implementation strategy
  • control project scope
  • control project budget
  • communicate and coordinate with the following established campus groups: Banner Core Advisory Group, Web Stakeholders Group, Network and Security Group
  • nominate and manage implementation groups (front-end tool selection, subject area groups, end-user training groups, standards, etc.)
  • identify, resolve, or elevate policy issues
  • request support as necessary to ensure that resources are available to meet implementation requirements
  • work with other groups on campus (e.g. with Purchasing to monitor the relationship between vendors and Rensselaer)
  • provide bi-monthly status reports to the Sponsorship Committee
  • prioritize and present change requests to the Sponsorship Committee
  • recommend the allocation of resources

Steering Committee members:

  • David Bohan - Assistant Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
  • Brian Clement - Chief Information Officer, Rensselaer Hartford
  • Ora Fish - Data Warehousing Project Manager, IACS
  • Sharon Kunkel - Director of Student Records & Financial Services, Registrar
  • Dorothy Leavitt - Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
  • Jack Mahoney - Director of Institutional Research
  • Eileen McLoughlin - Director of Financial Planning & Budget
  • Jeff Miner - Director of Integrated Administrative Computing Services (IACS) (chairman)
  • Kirsten Volpi - Assistant Vice President for Finance, Controller
  • Wolf von Maltzahn - Associate Vice President for Research


Members of the Sponsorship Committee act as the business owners of the project, sharing the vision for improved and consistent access to Institute information.

Members of the Steering Committee ensure the proper implementation of the data warehouse initiative within the designated timeframes and budget.

Numerous Implementation Groups will be formed and disbanded throughout the project lifecycle. Such committees will consist of a small group of Institute constituencies charged with a specific set of goals (e.g. front-end query tool selection).

The Data Warehouse Group consists of both technical and business-oriented staff from the Integrated Administrative Computing Services (IACS) department.

Data Warehouse Project Participants