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Rensselaer Data Warehouse Project

financial analysis implementation group

On January 16th, 2002, the Steering Committee nominated seven business users from across the campus to serve on the Financial Analysis Implementation Group. Members of this committee represent the Financial Analysis (FA) business needs of campus users and are engaged in all phases of the FA data mart implementation.

Members contribute to the FA data mart implementation process in 3 key areas:

clarification of requirements

  • Assist in defining and clarifying the scope and requirements of the FA data mart.
  • Communicate recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding changes or enhancements that affect the scope of the FA data mart implementation.
  • Identify Institute-wide information requirements in the area of FA.

definition, stewardship and quality of data

  • Help to gain understanding and organizational agreement on common Institute definitions of FA data.
  • Ensure quality and integrity of the FA data by reviewing and approving data loaded into the FA data mart.
  • Communicate data quality and integrity issues to the Steering Committee.

training and communication

  • Design training programs such that Institute users understand the content and organization of the FA data mart.
  • Actively participate in Institute-wide training.
  • Encourage Institute users to utilize information that is available in the FA data mart.
  • Facilitate communication with the Financial Analysis Reviewer Group.

financial analysis implementation group members

Jackie Ellsworth
Associate Director, Controller's Office
Helen Grzymala
Associate Director of Financial Planning & Budget
Jeraldine Lake
Associate Controller
Martha McElligott
Coordinator of Finance & Office Operations, RUO
George Narode
Assistant to Department Head, ECSE
Steven Schwan
Manager of Financial Operations, P&AS
Diane Veros
Director, Research Financial Administration