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Business Assistance

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The Center for Future Energy Systems provides a variety of business assistance services to companies in the energy industry. From small start-up companies to established businesses, the CFES can help you find the resources you need.

Services Offered

  • Business plans and Business Planning
  • SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) and STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) Proposals
  • State and Federal Funding Proposals
  • Rensselaer Resources for Businesses

Business Plans and Business Planning. The staff of the CFES can assist you in all aspects of entrepreneurial activities and we can help you find the resources to meet your company's needs. Some of the services include:

  • Finding Rensselaer researchers to assist with sponsored research projects
  • Finding alternative sources of funding, (state and federal)
  • Workforce development opportunities
  • Networking opportunities

SBIR & STTR Programs

SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) is a federal government program administered by 12 federal agencies for the purpose of helping to provide early-stage Research and Development funding to small technology companies. Solicitations are released periodically from each of the agencies and present technical topics of R&D which the agency is interested in funding. Companies are invited to compete for funding by submitting proposals answering the technical topic needs of the agency's solicitation. Each of these 12 agencies has various needs and you can learn more about them by visiting their sites.

STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) is a smaller scale federal government program similar to SBIR. This program is administered by only 6 federal agencies for the same purpose. The major difference is that the small business is required to work with a not-for-profit research institution or national laboratory on the proposed project.

State and Federal Funding

The CFES can provide assistance to companies interested in pursuing other forms of funding from New York State and the federal government. Working with the CFES, companies can identify areas where joint proposals make sense. The CFES has experience with proposals for New York State agencies such as NYSTAR and NYSERDA and federal agencies such as the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation.

Rensselaer Resources for Businesses

There is a wealth of resources at Rensselaer that are available to companies. These include facilities, laboratories and researchers. Among our many resources is the The Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship at Rensselaer’s Lally School of Management & Technology. The Center helps foster new generations of budding and successful entrepreneurs through outreach programs, education and research, including the Severino Interest Group (SIG). The SIG is a university-community collaborative that serves as a nexus for innovators and researchers to engage with business leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, discuss emerging research, and stay informed of current strategic and global trends. The SIG also provides an informal forum for business exchanges.


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