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AYearinSpaceforRensselaerTwoRensselaeralumniRickMastracchio87andReidWiseman97flewseparatemissionstoNASAs InternationalSpaceStationin2013and2014.MastracchiowasaflightengineerontheExpedition39crewasix-monthmissionthat wascompletedinMay2014.WisemanaformerNavalcommanderaviatorandtestpilotreplacedMastracchioontheISSafewweeks laterandremainedinspacethroughNovember2014.DuringtheirsixmonthsaboardtheISSMastracchioandWisemanparticipatedin severalhundredexperimentsinbiologyandbiotechnologyphysicalscienceandEarthscience.ThroughouthiscareerMastracchiohas completedninespacewalkstotaling51hoursand28minutesputtinghimamongtheranksofthemostexperiencedspacewalkers.This wasWisemansfirstspaceflight. Reach for the Stars From Rensselaer students can go anywhereeven to galaxies far far away. On August 6 2012 the NASA rover Curiosity safely touched down on the surface of Mars after a journey of more than 300 million miles and a harrowing descent from orbit complete with parachutes rockets and the perilous sky crane maneuver. Celebrating on Earth were a handful of Rensselaer alumni who were members of the team Michael Meyer 74 Lead Scientist NASAs Mars Exploration Program Kobie Boykins 96 Technical Group Supervisor Mechanisms and Mobility MSL Actuator Cognizant Engineer and Frederick Serricchio 94 Attitude Control System Engineer for Cruise and Entry Descent and Landing. They are part of a long line of Rensselaer alumni and faculty involved in space-related research and exploration. There is an inseparable relationship between science and engineering just as there is between necessity and invention said Curt Breneman Dean of the School of Science. Science creates new opportunities for engineering and engineering innovation stimulates the extension of scientific discovery.