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CURT BRENEMAN DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF SCIENCE The 20th century saw the splitting of the atom the decoding of the cell and the creation of the computer. With these monumental breakthroughs the basic laws of matter life and computation were discovered. The scientific innovations of the 21st century will be equally dynamic. Computer power is doubling approximately every 18 months. The Internet doubles yearly. In this age of extraordinary change and global collaboration scientists are much more than observers of nature they find ways to enable nature and humanity to cooperate and thrive. Here in the School of Science we discover answers to humanitys most compelling questions define new fields of study and invent solutions to global challenges. We are exploring rich veins of discovery in these key areas Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling Water Energy Resilience and Sustainability Computational Science Security and Simulation Biomedical Sciences and Applications Materials at the Nanoscale Materials Genome Initiative at RPI. Moving seamlessly across disciplinary boundaries we bring together the best of all fields in order to advance the cause of science.