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Have Passport Will Travel Julie Beaudet 13 Julie Beaudet 13 entered the Accelerated B.S.Ph.D. program in the School of Science earning her doctorate in biochemistry and biophysics. That impressive rate of acceleration however has in no way compromised her determination to study abroad. Because of the intensity of her accelerated program Beaudet recognized that it would be best to study in a country where there were no language issues and so she chose University of Sussex in Brighton England rated as the top chemistry school in the UK. During that year Beaudet came to see the importance of international travel for science students. When you look at how patents and journals are done its very regionalized she said. You could miss out on great collaborations because youre too insular. Also with all the international students here on campus putting yourself into a situation in which youve been the international student really helps you connect with them. The Club Scene Rensselaer enhances the student experience with more than 200 extraordinarily diverse and varied clubs and organizations for a complete list visit landingsview1. Some of the many that will especially appeal to science students include Astrophysical Society Rensselaer Chemistry Society Rensselaer Rocket Society Society of Biological Sciences Space Society There are also numerous professional and honor societies such as the American Nuclear Society Pi Mu Epsilon national mathematics honor society TriBeta society dedicated to biological study and more. Professor Peter Persans Associate Head of the Department of Physics Applied Physics and Astronomy speaks to the hands-on immersive nature of his students experience at Rensselaer. We have an extremely vital Society of Physics Students with some 40 to 50 active members. Many of the students act as tutors and engage in elementary and junior high outreach activities. Then we have the Space Exploration and Development Club which sends up weather balloons with cameras and projectors and the Rensselaer Astronomy Society which runs our observatory. International Study International collaboration is a backbone of science in the 21st century. This makes sense as the goal of science is to uncover a complete and provable description of our world not limited by national ethnic or cultural concerns Universality is central to science and so our students are encouraged to partake of opportunities for international study and partake they do with great adventures all over the world. 360 learning 38