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I learned to be more confident in the lab and seeing what research is really like helped me refine where I want to go next. The Green Light CLAIRE MARVINNEY 12 Light-emitting diodes LEDs are cropping up as accent lights in grocery store cases and auto headlamps but conventional light bulbs and LCD screens wont be displaced until manufacturers can use inexpensive LEDs to produce powerful light across the color spectrum. Christian Wetzel Professor of Physics and a member of the Future Chips Constellation is working on one piece of that puzzle development of a robust green LED. In his lab Professor Wetzel is perfecting a green LED produced from crystals of indium gallium nitride. The process is painstaking because each new idea must be tested by growing a crystal carefully controlling for purity and composition and then determining its light- emitting properties. For Claire Marvinney 12 working with Professor Wetzel was a perfect fit. Marvinney began a physics major hoping to find a way to apply her abilities in math and science. She started research in an astrophysics lab but soon decided to try a different route. I realized astrophysics was very theoretical and I wanted something applied Marvinney said. Then she heard about Professor Wetzels research. Ive always liked being hands-on and in Professor Wetzels research I got the opportunity to work in a lab and run experiments that were physical in nature rather than just computer work. Marvinney learned to grow the crystals and conduct tests that would describe key characteristics like composition power output and peak wavelength of light that the resulting LED produced. She also became adept at taking SEM scanning electron microscope images of the LEDs in a clean room. I really enjoyed the mix of applied research and materials science said Marvinney now a Ph.D candidate in Interdisciplinary Materials Science at Vanderbilt University. Graduate school was always part of my plan and this research helped me to solidify what area of science and engineering I wanted to go into. inventing solutions 32