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Data Analytics A group of Rensselaer researchers are involved with an exciting new project Semantic Numeric Exploration Technology SemNExT. SemNExT combines numeric analysis of data with semantic understanding and exploration technologies to provide a holistic means of exploring robust datasets. Currently SemNExT is being applied to an important study of General Electric wind turbines predicting turbine failure and also to the research initiative around childhood growth sponsored by the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation that Professor Deborah McGuinness is leading. See p. 16. Tiffany Guo 18 a mathematics major from Beijing is one of the undergraduates who is involved with SemNExT. For her summer research project she is working closely with Kristin Bennett Professor of Mathematical Sciences on numerical analysis. When I came into Rensselaer I asked my adviser Professor Bennett about research opportunities and I was so excited she recalled. Thats how I got into Introduction to Data Analysis. In general Guo has found Rensselaer to be a welcoming environment that stresses opportunities. Its a relatively small school that offers a lot of attention she said. When I told Professor Bennett I wanted to get involved with competitions she pointed me toward the RPI Datathonperfect for students interested in analytics andor machine learning. My team did an analysis of campus security and we won a 1000 prize. Those kinds of experiences can be found all over campus. Rensselaer students find that all it takes is asking questions because the answers will soon be forthcoming. UNDERGRADUATES DO RESEARCH Looking to dive deep into research Recent examples of research projects our undergraduates have worked on include developing non- invasive methods to deliver drugs to the brain working with Koala a new Web-based computer language that allows for easier writing of code and installing a solar power system for a rural school in Haiti. These projects have taken place under the auspices of Rensselaers two superb research programs. URP Undergraduate Research Program allows students to work on projects that can culminate in presentations at conferences or lead to publication in scientific journals thereby adding depth and breadth to your resume. Through URP youll interact with professors who are doing extraordinary work and in many cases they will help you network and alert you to exceptional opportunities in your field. You will also supplement your income and gain industry experience and connections that may result in significant co-ops internships or employment. SURP Summer Undergraduate Research Program allows students usually more seasoned undergraduate researchers to immerse themselves full time in leading-edge research with a faculty adviser for a 10-week period receiving a stipend of 3500. Applications to SURP are competitively reviewed by a panel of faculty members. URPSURP are key benefits of a Rensselaer education that make all the difference in the lives of our up-and-coming scientists. The RPI Datathonperfect for students interested in analytics andor machine learning. My team won a 1000 prize.