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INTERDISCIPLINARY DEGREE MAJORS At Rensselaer students can focus on a preferred major while exploring other interests and acquiring complementary knowledge and skills. These majors provide extraordinarily exciting interdisciplinary opportunities Applied Science Biochemistry and Biophysics Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology Environmental Science Information Technology and Web Science Interdisciplinary Science Interschool Minor in Energy Multidisciplinary Science Changing the World Lindsay Poirier 13 who earned a dual bachelors degree in ITWS and science and technology studies STS and is now a Ph.D. candidate at Rensselaer in STS merges her interests in the social sciences with her interest in information technology. She has been particularly interested in exploring how IT affects people in Africa and how it can be used as a catalyst for change. One project that took her twice to Tanzania involved building educational software that would help teachers learn how to use donated computers. Another project brought her to Ghana as part of an undergraduate research team that sought to use technology and indigenous culture to impart mathematical and computational concepts to students. Im planning to focus on research in Africa said Poirier. I want to explore how technology and the Internet affect the way people are educated and socialized. At the Hub Alexei Bulazel 13 a dual major in computer science and ITWS who is now pursuing his masters degree in computer science has drawn upon his background to intern in Washington D.C. at part of the U.S. General Services Administration. There he helped build an instance hub essentially an organizer that provides authoritative URLs for U.S. federal agencies. The hub promotes easy linking to and retrieval of data available on Bulazel also held a summer internship with the U.S. House of Representatives where he witnessed firsthand the intersection of government and technology. I like solving problems and I find technology really interesting said Bulazel who is looking toward a research position with the government or in the private sector. DEAR TEACHER LINDSAY I AM SO HAPPY TO KNOW YOU AND I HOPE YOU ARE FINE. WE ARE IN YAKINI PRIMARY SCHOOL. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH. WE LIKE THE COMPUTER SUBJECT.