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The Social Network The vast power of the Internet is undergoing probing analysis within the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center. Boleslaw Szymanski Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and the centers director focuses his research on the fundamentals of social and cognitive network science. Todays computer technology is both the enabler of new social interactions and the tool for observing and measuring them said Professor Szymanski. These interactions make societies more diverse and more dynamic and they increase the global impact of small focused groups creating both new opportunities and new dangers. The center brings together researchers from varied fields including the social sciences neuroscience cognitive science medicine computer science mathematics and engineering developing mathematical formulas and models to gauge the effects of social cognitive networks. Matthew Kirby 13 a physics major who was part of an interdisciplinary research team during his sophomore and junior years found the work fascinating. We were looking at opinions and how they evolve over time seeing how some people will only be influencers while others cant be influenced said Kirby. SibelAdaliAssociateProfessorofComputerScienceisstudyinghowtrustcanbemeasured.Nowthateveryoneisusingcomputerswecanlook athowtheycanbeusedtohelppeopletomaketherightrecommendationsforinstancesaidProfessorAdali.Tobeabletodothisyouhaveto understandhowpeoplereallytrust.Thereisthepsychologicalcomponentandthecognitive. PrittiKumar13whomajoredincomputerscienceresearchedthisissuewithProfessorAdali.Intodayssocietyweseealotofsocialnetworkingand areplacingalotoftrustinpeoplewecantseewhetheritsonAmazonorEpinionsorwhereversaidKumar.Ilookedathowtrustcanbepropagated throughanetworkhowitmovesalongalineandhowthatcanleadustocreatebettermodelsofsystemsthatcanactuallywork. We are in an entirely new world where Twitter cellphones and wireless communication change the way we interact with each other. BOLESLAW SZYMANSKI breaking boundaries 20