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All in the Family Marine geologist Mimi Katz Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences grew up around Rensselaer where her father Sam Katz was on the geology faculty from 1957 to 1985. Dad ran the seismic station here on campus and I can remember staring at the printouts with my brothers waiting to see if we were going to have an earthquake or not she recalled. As a woman entering the field of science Professor Katz admits she sometimes felt she had to prove herself more than her male colleagues did but is pleased that women in science today do not have to grapple with such issues. I think all doors are open to them she said. Professor Katz also feels that women have an intrinsic talent for science particularly evident in her area of micropaleontology study of micro- fossils. There has long been a higher percentage of women in this particular field than men and that may be because women have more patience to sit at the microscope and possess a greater attention for detail she said. In another century women were using that attention to do needlepoint in Victorian parlors. Today they can focus that attention on science. I was able to interview with many tech giants like Google Facebook Microsoft Research LinkedIn Twitter Box Dropbox and Quora she said. It was a terrific experience. ZHENZHENG ZHOU 11 Women in Science Rensselaer Americas oldest technological school has long confirmed its commitment to the education of women. Our founding document an 1824 letter of intent from Stephen Van Rensselaer states I have established a school at the north end of Troy in Rensselaer County in the building usually called the Old Bank Place for the purpose of instructing persons who may choose to apply themselves in the application of science to the common purposes of life. My principal object is to qualify teachers for instructing the sons and daughters of farmers and mechanics by lectures or otherwise in the application of experimental chemistry philosophy and natural history to agriculture domestic economy the arts and manufactures. In 1942 Rensselaer officially invited women to matriculate. Today we continue to educate sons and daughters bringing them equivalently to a level of excellence that allows them to aspire to and enjoy rewarding careers. Opportunities Abound In recent years a contingent of School of Science women students has attended the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing an annual event named for a pioneering computer scientist that focuses on bringing the research and career interests of technical women to the forefront. Undergraduate and graduate students alike attend technical sessions and workshops on career development and networking. Zhenzheng Zhou a computer science major found the conference extremely useful. I was able to interview with many tech giants like Google Facebook Microsoft Research LinkedIn Twitter Box Dropbox and Quora she said. Meenal Chhabra a Ph.D. candidate in computer science was particularly inspired by keynote speaker Sheryl Sandberg chief operating officer of Facebook. Her advice was never to leave the table said Chhabra. Dont underestimate yourself and speak up. Apparently the advice sunk in. As a result of the conference Chhabra got interview calls from Amazon and Twitterand wound up interning at Google. the launch pad 15