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EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Rensselaer offers outstanding programs to its aspiring physicians. The Accelerated Physician-Scientist Program was born out of the belief that physicians should be able to move purposefully within the world of science. At the rate that todays biomedical advances are translating to the clinic all physicians benefit from being able to read original research. No physician should have to rely on pharmaceutical reps or the support staff at biomedical engineering companies for his or her knowledge. Students admitted to this program spend their first three years at Rensselaer engaged in a curriculum with a balance of 70 percent premedical science courses and 30 percent liberal arts. Students then move on to Albany Medical College for their remaining four years. On another front the new partnership between Rensselaer and the Icahn School of Medicine allows the two institutions to collaborate on educational programs research and development of new diagnostic tools and treatments that promote human health. Exciting opportunities for Rensselaer students will also ensue including FlexMed which is designed for students interested in pursuing a medical degree at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. It allows sophomore students in any major to apply for early acceptance to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai which will hold up to three spots each year in its FlexMed program for Rensselaer sophomores who qualify. Hitting the Accelerator JP TRASATTI 11 AND HANNAH TRASATTI 14 Generally it takes students four years to earn a bachelors degree and another five to six to attain a doctorate. In our accelerated B.S.Ph.D. program we enable students to earn this combined degree in just seven years. Not only does that save time but it also saves a significant amount of tuition and eliminates the stress of applying to graduate school. The end result Graduates of this program have received fellowships at such prestigious sites as the Institute for Genomics Research the Fermi Laboratories and NASAby the age of 25. J.P. Trasatti who earned his B.S. in Chemistry in 2011 and his doctorate in Chemistry in 201 found the built-in rotation factor in the B.S. Ph.D. program which allows students to sample different labs before committing to one one of its most attractive features. Its not like going to a grad school just to work with one particular person said Trasatti. You get to learn what you like. On his third rotation Trasatti clicked with the lab of Professor Pankaj Karande where he worked on developing a 3-D skin modelresearch consistent with his goal of ultimately working in medicinal chemistry. Hannah Trasatti has followed in her brothers footsteps. She earned her B.S. in Biochemistry in 2013 and aims for her Ph.D. in 2017. She is attached to the laboratory of Professor Wilfredo Coln where she is exploring the role of protein stability in protein function. This research may have application in our understanding of Alzheimers disease Type II diabetes Parkinsons disease Cystic fibrosis and prion diseases. For all their academic load the Trasattis were able to take a very full bite out of the college experience with outstanding campus involvement. J.P. served as president of Phalanx RPIs Senior Leadership Society and worked on the campus newspaper in a senior management role. Hannah is one of the founding officers of weR the Spirit of Rensselaer Society which promotes campus life with events like a cappella singing Christmas tree lighting ceremonies cookie baking and more. Both are also active in Greek life. Their philosophy Why not have it all TeganWebsterearnedhercombinedB.S.Ph.D.bothinmathematicsinrecordtime.Just5.5years