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Boots on the Ground GREG ROSEN 14 Greg Rosen 14 entered Lally with a proven entrepreneurial track record. At 12 he started a company constructing websites that eventually grew to 500 clients. In his junior year of high school he founded Haptic Pixels a game and application development studio whose Castle Defense has been ranked 27th among all iPhone games. Even with his early success however Rosen found a lot to learn at Lally. I got real boots-on-the-ground stuff here says Rosen who pursued a dual degree in business management and information technology and who has been working in the financial services industry in New York City. Professor Wright changed the way I think. Developing that kind of know-how and confidence is what Intro to Management is all about. Here you walk in a student and walk out a budding professional says Wright. And when you get to your internship or co-op experience youre prepared to think on your feet and do well. Here you walk in a student and walk out a budding professional. FRANK WRIGHT INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT Can you actually teach people to think Frank Wright lecturer in the Lally School believes you can. Wrights legendary course Intro to Management is truly an immersion into a different mode of thinkingthe kind that students will rely upon as they move ahead in the world of business. The course built around Harvard Business School case studies lays in elements of surprise wherever possible. In management we often encounter things weve never seen before says Wright and thats exactly what we want to emulate here. Consider the final presentation of the term in which students going before a panel of business professionals role-play new hires reporting on a challenging problem that the company is facing. Wright ups the ante with the unexpected as when your PowerPoint suddenly wont project or the panel to which youre presenting has only five minutes to hear your pitch instead of the promised 30. Fortunately his students are prepared. They have developed a discipline built on a firm understanding of research methods and an increased capacity for problem solving. an ability to analyze 9