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Resources EVE The Emerging Ventures Ecosystem EVE at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute accelerates the growth of new businesses and boosts the transfer of scientific and technological break- throughs from the laboratory and class- room to the marketplace for social and economic impact. As Rensselaers incubator EVE links its institutional resources and alumniae expertise symbiotically with community strengths to enable Institute-related startups to grow. The Paul J. 69 Kathleen M. Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship SCTE The mission of the SCTE is to expose every Rensselaer student to the practices and principles of entrepre- neurship and to extend Rensselaers leadership and national prominence in technological entrepreneurship. SCTE implements this mission by Providing and supporting opportuni- ties to learn fundamental principles of entrepreneurship and study historical cases of successful entrepreneurs Providing opportunities to listen to interact with and work with experi- enced entrepreneurs Helping students with ideas for new innovations to find resources for com- mercializing their ideas and helping students who are seeking business opportunities to find and initiate them Guiding mentoring and coaching student-based startup businesses Connecting students who are starting businesses to resources and networks within and beyond the Rensselaer community. Startup Tech Valley Startup Tech Valley is a monthly community meet-up in downtown Troy powered by the SCTE that brings together students first-time entrepre- neurs experienced entrepreneurs investors mentors employees of startups and service providers. The event gives early startups a platform to address the community. Rensselaer Technology Park This technology park located just five miles south of the Rensselaer campus is operated by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The park has nearly 70 ten- ants representing a diverse range of technologies and employing more than 2100an outstanding venue for Lally School internships. Student Sandbox The Student Sandbox is a location in the Lally School where startup teams can meet access resources and use office equipment to advance their business venture. Rensselaer Entrepreneurship Intern Program REIP REIP is designed to assist MBA students in understanding the opportu- nities and challenges of working within a startup or early stage company. Students engage in 10-to-14-week intensive internships with selected entrepreneurial firms gaining firsthand experience in working with manage- ment challenges typically faced by startups. Center for Financial Studies CFS The CFS fosters high-quality teaching and research in the fields of corporate finance financial intermediation capi- tal markets risk analytics and financial engineering. The center hosts distin- guished speakers from academia and business for The Rising Stars Conference a showcase held every other year of research by leading younger scholars. Each session in the event is led by an internationally established scholar and each papers discussion is led by a leading scholar in the field. The Jerome S. Reinert 56 Visiting Executive Series. Finance Area Research Seminars. CFS also sponsors several important competitions The Buttonwood Club Annual Debate Competition about a current important issue in the financial industry. Cash prizes. The CFS Annual Modeling Competition in which participants solve a timely and important topic in the quantitative financial area. Cash prizes are awarded along with an invitation to the national IAFQ Modeling Competition. Competitions The Lally School and its faculty support Lally students in a number of exciting competitions including Rensselaers Business Model Com- petition. 15000 in cash prizes and in-kind services. Rensselaers Change the World Challenge. A biannual contest to develop innovative technological ideas with the potential of changing the world. 10000 in prizes each semester. New York State Business Plan Competition. This newly expanded statewide competition offers more than 500000 in prizes. Class of 51 Entrepreneurship Fund. An annual competition for Rensselaer undergraduate and graduate students to encourage early development of entrepreneurial ideas. 5000 in prizes.