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Supply Chain Management The supply chain management concentration focuses on the design and management of supply chains in manufacturing and service industries. This concentration equips students with the perspectives and skills to de- sign supply chains develop strategies to optimize supply chain operations and identify opportunities for deploying IT to create effective demand fulfill- ment capabilities in firms. All concentrations focus on the application of analytical methods and well-reasoned decision making to an area of business management. Each concentration requires 3 to 4 courses 4 credit hours each that are approved by a concentration coordinator or academic adviser. Dual Majors Double Degrees The Lally School offers undergraduate students in management the oppor- tunity to seek further specialization in other non-management programs by obtaining dual or double degrees upon graduation. For more information see www.rpi.edudeptlally academicsdual.html. Management Minor Programs The Lally School also offers minor programs in Entrepreneurship Finance Management Marketing For more information on these minor programs see www.rpi.edudeptlally academicsminors.html Combined Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctor J.D. Degree The Lally School offers a combined Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctor J.D. degree in management and law. This six-year plan of study prepares students to handle complex legal management issues in todays technology-driven world. Graduates may work as corporate administrators or attorneys private practitioners or as elected or appointed public officials. Students accepted into the man- agement-law program may choose to complete their law course work at either Albany Law School or Colum- bia Law School each with their own application process. Rensselaer is one of the 22 universities participating in the Accelerated Interdisciplinary Legal Education AILE program with the Columbia University School of Law. Rensselaer nominates exception- ally motivated third-year students for acceptance at Columbia Law School. Other law schools where top perform- ing students have applied and been accepted include Cornell Harvard Stanford Virginia and Chicago. Graduate-Level Programs Masters in Management Concentrations in Business Analytics MIS Marketing New Product Development Finance Supply Chain Management and Technological Entrepreneurship Quantitative Finance and Risk Analytics QFRA Technology Commercialization Entrepreneurship TCE Masters of Business Administration MBA Doctoral Ph.D.