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Degree Programs Bachelor of Science in Business and Management 124 credit hours Core course work in management emphasizes basic business skills in finance marketing human behavior computing and organizational analysis and development among others. Skills in quantitative analysis are further developed through core courses in statistics mathematics and science. Additionally courses in the humanities and social sciences develop awareness in a variety of global societal issues. Students are encouraged to pursue a concentration by taking an additional sequence of courses within the man- agement curriculum. Options include Accounting The accounting concentration provides the conceptual framework and the ana- lytical skills required for the understand- ing of general accounting practices. Students learn how to measure analyze and provide quantitative information that is used by managers governments investors and analysts. This concentra- tion offers an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for the CPA exam. Business Analytics The business analytics concentration focuses on using information to develop business insights and influence decision making in organizations. This provides a strong foundation in analytical model- ing and statistical methods as well as skills in data management. It provides hands-on experience through industry projects in applying these skills in data and model-driven decision making in specific business domains such as marketing supply chain management and finance. Entrepreneurship The entrepreneurship concentration focuses on the process of converting innovative ideas to new products and businesses in startup ventures and established firms. This helps prepare students to think outside the box. These courses will further develop students ability to think creatively solve business problems and convert ideas into solutions for the marketplace. Students gain valuable planning and project management skills. Finance The finance concentration focuses on value creation both inside a firm and in the capital markets. It provides students with a strong foundation in the basic finance concepts of risk and return asset allocation portfolio management bond and stock valuation investment decision making capital budgeting derivatives and risk management. This concentration offers an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for the Chartered Financial Analyst exam. International Management The international management con- centration prepares students to lead in this increasingly globalized world. The course work grounds students in the financial economic and political under- pinnings of globalization. The insights gained in these courses are reinforced in the many international modules in the required core courses of the under- graduate degree program. Management Information Systems The management information systems concentration focuses on the use of information technology for value creation in new and established firms. It provides students with the perspectives and skills to understand the role of IT in organizations identify opportunities for IT-enabled business innovations and design develop and deliver the tech- nology infrastructures that enable firms to effectively use IT for value creation. Marketing The marketing concentration provides students with an understanding of what customers want and how to effectively offer products and services to meet this demand. Marketing activities including product research and concept testing are explored. Students learn how busi- nesses need marketing to reach and serve customers in order to successfully achieve their goals or missionwhether these are maximizing sales and profits promoting non-profit organizations or advancing social causes. The Lally School Programs and Resources The Lally School offers a broad range of degree programs and the academic resources to foster achievement within them.