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LearningbyDoingRensselaersrichstudentlifeexperienceonacampuswithoneofthelargeststudent-runorganizationsinthecountryservesasan extraordinaryincubatorforpersonalgrowth.Therearemanyclubsandorganizationstogetinvolvedwithaswellasintercollegiateandintramuralteamsand fraternitiesandsororities.OfparticularinterestisthehonorsocietyEpsilonDeltaSigmaEDS.EDSmembersserveastutorstoLallystudentsandhostlectures oncampusbyleadingexecutives.TheyalsoenjoytheopportunitytotakegrouptripstothecorporateheadquartersofvariousFortune500companies. WhilemembersengageinafullslateofserviceactivitiesincludingafundraisingcancerrunaToysforTotsdriveblooddrivesandmorethereisequalfocus ondevelopingqualitiesofleadership.WewantstudentstounderstandthatthereisresponsibilitythatcomesalongwithhavinganintellectsaysProfessor FrankWright.Itsaresponsibilitytobeasmartpersoninthisworldandthesestudentsknowthat. THE ARCHER CENTER The Lally School has a leg up over many other business schools in that it has a designated resource for leadership development. Founded in 1992 the Archer Centerone of the first of its kind in the nation and a model for universities everywhereteaches essential skills including effective communication a capacity for collaboration conflict management ethical decision making and an appreciation for diversity. Lally students intersect with the Archer Center through a required course sequence in leadership. Here students participate in experiential teamwork and leadership exercises and analyze case studies from the corporate world and the not-for-profit sector that illustrate leadership theory and principles. Students may participate in the Professional Leadership Program taught by corporate executives. This selective yearlong interactive training program emphasizes management and leadership competencies critical to success in todays technology-oriented business world. Team Player PAIGE TRASATTI 16 Paige Trasatti 16 who is majoring in business management followed in the footsteps of her brother J.P. and sister Hannah both of whom attend Rensselaer. This year her close family bond was strengthened even further when Paige joined J.P. who earned his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry on a team that was creating Culture-Shift. Culture-Shift is a device that aids researchers in drug studies allowing cells to be cultivated in conditions that closely simulate the human body. We decided to enter Culture-Shift in Rensselaers Change the World Challenge to learn about how to start up a business says Paige Trasatti. The Change the World competition is a twice-yearly event that supports entrepreneurship education and inspires Rensselaer students to consider ways to improve the human condition. Culture-Shift was named Best of the Best in the 2015 Challenge earning a 5000 grand prize. At Rensselaer people in business learn about science and people in science learn about business says Trasatti who also works with the Severino Center facilitating the efforts of other teams. People in business learn about science and people in science learn about business.