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AT WORK The Fast Lane JOE COYNE 11 Life in the Internet fast lane That must mean Googlewhere Joe Coyne 11 ultimately landed. Wending his way toward this lofty destination Coyne relied on a quiet mode of leadership tied mostly to his unyielding quest for excellence. While he never particularly saw himself as a leader growing up that all changed for Coyne as he spent time at Rensselaer first as an undergraduate and then in the MBA program. Coyne held an internship with a Lally alumnus who started a company called Ithos Global. Ithos develops software for food and beverage manufacturers to ensure compliance with FDA standards. When Ithos hired me on full-time it was still really small. I was directing three or four other developers and was able to freely voice my technical and business opinions. As gratifying as his Ithos experience was however Coyne kept his eye trained on Google. Its been a long-time dream of mine to work there says Coyne but their hiring standards are incredibly stringent and I never thought I had a chance. Then I met some Google recruiters at a Rensselaer career fair last year and they encouraged me to apply. Now a Corporate Operations Engineer for the Internet giant Coyne takes charge of small teams just as he did at Lally back in the day. I really appreciated all the team efforts at Lally and felt I was able to step up and assume a leadership role holding my team to my own high standards says Coyne. To me those standards are critical to success. I never thought I had a chance. Then I met some Google recruiters at a Rensselaer career fair last year and they encouraged me to apply. Best Foot Forward ALVEY HARRISON 13 There is still no better way to become a leader than to engage in hands-on leadership right in your own backyard. Lally student Alvey Harrison 13 a double major in Design Innovation and Society and Management and now a training coordinator at GlobalFoundries groomed his leadership potential by plunging into campus leadership roles. Harrison never shied away from such roles. In high school he headed up a project that involved taking surplus equipment from the school refurbishing it and donating the equipment back to the community. In his senior year he refurbished nearly 40 computers. At Rensselaer Harrison honed his leadership skills working as a residential adviser. He also applied his interest in product development and management strategies to play an important role in a group project called Simple Steps Protective Footwear. Designing a low-cost shoe with an antimicrobial coating to protect feet from bacteria in areas infested with serious disease Harrison and his teammates were prizewinners in the Rensselaer Change the World Challenge. I think the key to leadership is getting to know who you are managing says Harrison and then taking a transformational approach in order to identify ways to intrinsically motivate people.